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An Insight into Using Good Antivirus Solutions

Every internet user is aware of antivirus solutions. These basically give you protection from different viruses and malware. They help in protecting your laptop, PC or any other smart device. There are many people who still do not understand the importance of using a good antivirus solution.

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Apple Considers a Whispering & Respond Quietly Siri Function


Apple realizes that using Siri in public place, mainly in silent places/rooms like libraries or at working place, it’s awkward and sometimes even uncomfortable. So that Apple iPhone manufacturers functioning in a way to understand when you whisper to Siri voice assistant, and the response in a whisper voice back. This isn’t just a recognizing a whisper voice than the ...

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Google Launching Artificial Intelligence Research Center in China

Google has officially announced that they are introducing an Artificial Intelligence center in China. It has unveiled by Fei-Fei Li, she is working on a Google Cloud’s Chief Scientist, at the Google Developer Days program in Shanghai; this is the Google’s first lab in an Asian country. Chinese representatives have stated strong backing for Artificial Intelligence research and development in ...

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How Outdoor Weather Warning Sirens Save Lives

Dangerous weather can strike with little advance notice, so it’s important to have a system in place to warn of approaching storms. Whether you are indoors watching your children play in the yard or outside enjoying a round of golf you need to know when to the weather is taking a turn for the worse. Earth Networks patented outdoor warning sirens ...

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Company Expansion 101: Keep Your Business Growing With These Techniques

Company Expansion

If company expansion is your primary concern for 2017, know that you can make this goal a reality. One secret to success is finding strategies that work and systematically incorporating them into your company’s daily operations. Below you will find just three techniques that you can use to optimize and accelerate the company expansion process: 1. Utilize Great Software. One ...

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Best Android Applications That Deliver Spectacular Material Design

Material design is regarded as the new slew of guidelines that google has devised for developers while designing their applications. It brings out bold pops of ample of animations and vibrant color and while google by themselves have remade many of their applications in material design, there are tons of other applications available out there that are employing this new ...

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Youtube Plans to Remove Adds With Monthly Subscriptions

YouTube has plans to launch a brand new subscription service where viewers will pay to remove adverts. The video-sharing giant announced the plans in an email sent to channel owners, and notified them that they would have to set their videos to ‘private’ if they did not want to participate. The Google-owned company could offer the subscription service as early ...

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The Best Apps for Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is an important component of any retail or customer-facing strategy. It involves managing your relationship with a customer and tracking their engagement as they use your website or mobile service. For small business owners on the go, there are a variety of special apps that can help you analyse your customer’s online experience. Try downloading these handy ...

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