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Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Control launched in India

Windows Mixed Reality

Global laptop and desktop PCs maker Acer on Saturday 9th December launched Windows Mixed Reality headphones for the first time exclusively in India. The Windows Mixed Reality headphones price yet to be revealed. The device comes with a 13-foot cable, letting a wide range movement, and connects to a PC through HDMI 2.0, while a USB 3.0 connector downloads files. ...

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Windows Phones vs Android Phones

Smartphones have taken control over this generation and hardly there left a person on this planet who doesn’t own a smartphone. Smartphones are a touch screen device through which you can download several apps, browse internet smoothly, and receive email and other useful functions. When you’re in the market and you tend to buy a lavish smartphone, you need to ...

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Top Whatsapp tricks for iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows:

Whatsapp is a very popular messaging app which is used worldwide. It is the trendiest app for smart phones today and is very fashionable too. We all are having a smart phone owes Whatsapp installed in. Though there are many messaging app wandering in the market and competing with Whatsapp but here Whatsapp .is taking control over the market. Here ...

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Windows 9

By now, users are on the edge of the perspective of the appraised account of the all new windows 9. It is still expected to head out in public nearly around the time of winters and according to some websites, it is anticipated to be more likely come out in the month of September or October this year. Rumors have ...

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Windows 9 Release Dates:

We are very well aware that Windows 8 was not a successful operating system. It was a waste step taken by Microsoft that wasn’t nicely executed. However, Windows 8’s attempt to connect desktop and mobile has proved to be very radical to encourage new users for the same. And now, desktop users have been trying to get the classic start ...

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Microsoft China teased Windows 9

Mostly, big companies often tease their upcoming products but they rarely tease them without having any purpose. Though Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed about the preview dates of Windows 9. According to recent news, Microsoft in China has posted a teaser of Windows 9 and have questioned about their predictions about the comeback of the old Start Menu. The news came ...

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Reviewing the Sophisticated and Stylish New HTC One M8 for Windows

The Asian IT giant HTC again took the global market of smartphone by storm with their new smartphone One M8 with Windows latest operating system. However, many users across the globe are still in doubt to put their foot on Windows OS, but the Microsoft is really looking forward to challenge the supremacy of Android OS very soon. Many of ...

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Chrome 64 Now Trims Messy Links When You Share Them

chrome 64

Google’s most recent buyer version of Chrome, called Chrome 64, just began cleanup muddled referral links for you. Presently, when you go to share an item, you’ll never again observe along following string after a link, only the essential link itself. This feature now happens automatically when sharing links in Chrome 64, either by the Share menu or by copy ...

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Dell XPS 13 with UHD Display Launched in India

Dell on Tuesday reported the launch of the Dell XPS 13 in India, which was revealed at the International Consumer Electronics Show a month ago. The XPS 13, guaranteed to be the littlest 13-inch laptop on the planet, accompanies the most recent 8th-gen Intel Core processors, a 4K Ultra HD Infinity Edge show on select variations, and an asserted battery ...

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