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Google Launching Artificial Intelligence Research Center in China

Google has officially announced that they are introducing an Artificial Intelligence center in China. It has unveiled by Fei-Fei Li, she is working on a Google Cloud’s Chief Scientist, at the Google Developer Days program in Shanghai; this is the Google’s first lab in an Asian country. Chinese representatives have stated strong backing for Artificial Intelligence research and development in ...

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Oreo Update for Android Wear Watch Officially Rolling Out

Android Wear Watch

Android Wear watch 2.0 is based on Android Nougat 7.0. A few months back, we heard news of an upcoming feature of Android Oreo update in the form of a beta sequencer, which is only available for the LG Wear Watch Sport. Now Google is officially starting roll-out its Android Oreo update for Wear watch. According to a post on ...

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Google Fires an Employee behind Anti-diversity Memo


A recent incident in Google shook the entire tech-industry. A memo was created by a staff member that blamed the company of gender differences. It was circulated among the other staffs. Shocking right? Get to know more, about the Anti-diversity memo by the employee in this article. The charge on gender bias in corporate companies had increased rapidly. James Damore ...

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Google to Give Tough Competition to Amazon’s Prime Air with their Project Wing

What people have only imagined ten years ago, tech giant companies are just transforming them into reality. There are so much examples of it, starting from bigger tablets, robots, space expeditions etc. The latest addition is the use of drones to deliver goods at your doorstep. Isn’t it fascinating? Google has recently joined the elite club of drone users with ...

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Google Nexus X is Rumoured to Sport the Latest Android 5 L

If various media reports are to be believed, the US based tech giant Google is coming up with their next handset with the model name of Nexus X. Earlier it was speculated that the device will be added to the existing series of Nexus smartphones and after the fifth version, it will be named Nexus 6. However, Google has not ...

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Efficient Contact Information with Google Now Relationships

Google Now is one of the most technically advanced voice recognition software in the internet database in the current scenario. This app allows you to set up relationships based on voice recognition although; it is very specific and takes a concentrated effort to set up relationships through this app. Once your voice recognition is done on your device, you can ...

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Google’s most Popular Apps in the US

According to the information of ComScore, some of the mobile apps are listed among the top ten. Though Facebook ranks first Google itself takes first five positions. The more details of some of these apps are listed below: Google You Tube App The You Tube app is actually related to watching videos and it is the second most popular App ...

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Google is building up Knowledge Bank for Human Race

Data mining refers to the process of analysing data from different sources and processing from various angles and then summarizing it into compact and useful information in form of algorithm, whichcan be used to increase revenue or cut costs. The US tech-giant and the biggest search engine provider of all time, Google is now building up a Knowledge bank for ...

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