Monthly Archives: February 2015

HP Pavilion 15 R036TU – A Great Deal for its Price

A good laptop is the one that comes packed with the latest features, delivers fast performance and, above all goes easy on your pocket. No doubt, the best ones out there don’t come cheap. You got to spend a few extra bucks if you want a laptop with a little bit of everything (in fact a whole lot of everything). ...

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Your guide to recycling computers

Electronic waste and computer equipment are taking up a large amount of space in UK landfill sites. Due to electronic equipment being at a much lower price these days, it is easier for consumers to replace their latest gadgets – along with rapid changes in the latest products, there is always something new out there. So, why is it important ...

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Review: BhashSMS

With the advancement in technology, all the business organizations are adapting the latest technology available in order to grow their business and market them properly. Previously the companies used to advertise their products and market them through television advertisements, printed notice, hand brochures and then later moving on to emails and online internet advertisements. Now-a-days with the increasing number of ...

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