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Facebook Rolls out Bandwidth Targeting:


Facebook one of the most significant social media sites has rolled out the “bandwidth targeting” features throughout the global for advertiser to help them access people based on the network they use. In country like India, where the internet is based on plan it is a virtuous step. Targeting customers on the type of mobile network, they have helped to access a large number of mass effectively. Often people are unable to watch or perceive the content of video which an advertiser publishes due to low network connection. Thus targeting the customer on the basis of network they are using and designing the advertisement videos accordingly is obviously a brilliant and operative idea.


We all are aware that half of the proceeds of Social Networking site come from the United States. In United States, they already offer the advertiser to reach people based on their network sites, the device they use as well as device model and operating system. The same pattern will now be followed by the advertiser on Facebook for contacting its customer on the basis of their network such as 2G, 3G or 4G.


In the apparent scenario, mobile is the most commonly used device for surfing or for using social media. Thus by targeting on the basis of mobile network will be of immense help to the advertisers to choose the imaginative which will run smoothly on the given device and connection speed.

In Indian market Facebook ranks second largest market in terms of user based. More than 9 lakhs small and medium business are globally using Facebook in order to connect to its customer for expanding their incidence and grasp. People desire for fast and efficient experience over phone, this mobile network targeting might improve the involvement people have of the ads on facebook by helping the advertiser the accurate experience while respecting people’s device bandwidth and the cost of data.


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