Why You Need to Focus on Your Own Blog Content

Write-articles-for-own-websiteThe majority of website owners are now well aware of the importance of creating a good backlink profile, building up links – and reputation – as a result of posts and other forms of content that link back to their own site to provide them with a much needed boost in the search rankings.

While all of this is important if you are to enhance your online visibility and reach, it’s also important that you don’t neglect the very site that you’re trying to get people to visit – your own.

Having built a great website and filled it with all of the products and services you offer, optimised it as best as you can (or with the help of an SEO agency like Gareth Bull SEO if you have the budget and need for outside help), it’s vital that you also pay close attention to the actual content on the site.

This isn’t just so that you can shout about how great your company is (although that’s one option of course), but also so that you can keep your site visitors engaged and entertained, and you can even educate them in some cases, helping them to understand just why you have produced a certain product, why a service would be beneficial to them and how you feel as experts in your specific field.

If your audience believe that you are an authority, they’re much more likely to invest in what you have to offer than a competitor who doesn’t give their opinion on news related to their industry. In addition to this it can help you to build up an online reputation, and traffic to your website, that will in turn help to inform your future marketing strategies and help your rankings for specific key terms and, of course, your branded terms.

There is also more emphasis than ever before on the importance of creating regular, relevant and user-friendly content on your site that helps people to reach their own goals, not just yours. Sure, you want the visitors to your site to either buy something or invest in your services, but sometimes people come looking to be informed, engaged with or entertained because they’re looking for answer to a question or perhaps they want some advice.

The major search engines such as Google have decided that the time has come to make content and usability the most important factors in their search rankings, so while a solid SEO strategy is important you also need to be looking at creating regular blog posts, articles, news pieces, white papers, infographics, videos and other forms of content.

This is not to say that you need to go away and write 500-word posts on a daily basis, but you need to find a happy medium between producing content that your audience will be interested in and producing it to stay at the top of your game.

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