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Twitter Doubles Tweet Limit to 280 Characters for (Nearly) Everyone

Twitter plans to raise the total number of characters in Tweet Limit from 140 to 280 for the tweeples. The new limitation will not apply to Chinese, Korean, and Japanese language tweets writers which can send more info in a single character. The plan follows a trial among some small kind of group users which started in September in reaction to criticism that it was not simple to tweet. The modification is part of Twitter’s plan to charm new Twitter users and raise develop.

Twitter brevity

During the trial, only 5 percent of tweets sent were lengthier than 140 characters and only 2 percent more than 190 characters, the social media websites said in a blog. But those who are all using lengthier Tweet Limit, to get more follow request, and more engagement and they spent extra time on the website, it added. “In the earlier few days of the trial, most of the people tweeted the full 280 characters limit because it is new update and unique, but soon after they conduct stabilized,” said by Aliza Rosen, Twitter’s product manager.

“When we saw people wanted to use more than 140 characters; they tweeted more simply and more frequently. But mainly, people will tweet lower than 140 characters most of the time and the shortness of Twitter remained.” According to Twitter, 9 percent of Tweet Limit hits English character. “This reflects the task is suitable for a tweet, often resulting in much time spent in editing session and even at times abandoning Tweet Limit before posting,” Ms. Rosen said.

Increasing the wording limit should not affect the users experience on the twitter, she added. “We and lots of you were worried when the timelines have filled up with 280 characters Tweet Limit, and users with the new wording limitation would always use to fill up the entire space. But that didn’t happen.” When this change was announced, many users will analyze it, and pointing out difference they would fairly see, like a restriction on hate offense and bots, and the overview of in order to timeline and edit task. The twitter presently has 330 million active users. This relates to 800 million for Instagram users and more than 2 billion for Facebook users.

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