Top 5 Benefits of Using Dual Wheel Shock Absorbing Casters in Industrial Applications

Shock and vibration are constants on manufacturing floors, and they can cause equipment like carts to fatigue over time. Shock-absorbing casters are an effective way to minimize impact and vibration, protecting sensitive loads during transport. For heavier applications, Vertical Mounted Spring (VMS) casters are ideal. These casters feature vertically mounted springs and offer no deflection when loaded at their rated capacity.

Reduced Wear & Tear

Dual wheel shock absorbing casters provide a smoother ride for carts and equipment. They also reduce the impact of vibration when rolling over uneven surfaces, eliminating damage to sensitive cargo. Pneumatic caster wheels require a higher initial push force to get moving because of their larger footprint and deflection characteristics. The extra stress can lead to uneven wear and faster deterioration. In addition, the independent suspension of shock-absorbing casters allows each wheel to stay flat on the floor and alleviate excessive stress on one specific area, reducing the chance of damage or failure. This also helps reduce the overall weight of the casters, making them easier to maneuver. This can help minimize workplace accidents. Using casters that are easy to move can reduce the need for frequent manual handling, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Reduced Noise

Industrial casters often experience significant shock and vibration while moving over uneven floors. This can cause damage to the equipment, as well as jarring the sensitive loads they carry. Using shock-absorbing casters can minimize these effects and protect the contents of carts and racks. Shock-absorbing casters reduce noise by equalizing the load over rough terrain among four or more wheels, reducing the stress on the caster and minimizing the jolting of the cart. They also dampen and isolate noises and vibrations to keep workers safe and comfortable. Compared to hard metal or steel wheels, shock-absorbing casters are significantly quieter. This is especially important in environments with sensitive equipment exposed to high-impact noises or shocks.

Reduced Shock Load

Carts, trucks, and racks can be subjected to much shock when moving from one place to another. This can damage the cargo onboard and increases the risk of workplace injuries for employees. Dual wheel shock absorbers help minimize this impact by reducing the energy transferred to the equipment when moving over rough surfaces and uneven flooring. This can help protect sensitive cargo and reduce the risk of employee injury. However, not all shock-absorbing casters are created equal. If the casters are outfitted with too firm springs, they could do more harm than good. This is why choosing a caster suitable for your equipment’s weight capacity is essential.

Increased Durability

The demand for increased productivity in industrial processes often results in higher machine speeds, leading to increased noise, vibration, and wear and tear. Adding shock absorbers to your equipment can reduce these effects and help your business run smoothly. Dual wheel shock absorbing casters provide enhanced durability over traditional caster wheels. They dampen the bouncing motion of a cart when it hits an obstruction, keeping its tires in contact with the floor. This prevents them from jumping off the ground and increases the ability of your vehicle to follow strict safety protocols while transporting cargo. Quiet-roll clean-environment medium-duty shock-absorbing plate casters have aluminum frames that resist corrosion when exposed to moisture and chemicals, making them suitable for use on carts, trolleys, and other equipment in locations such as hospitals, cleanrooms, and automotive applications. They have nonmarking, rounded polyurethane wheels and precision ball bearings to ensure smooth rolling in sensitive environments.

Increased Safety

Industrial casters often have to travel over rough outdoor terrain or uneven flooring. This can cause jarring and vibration that could harm delicate loads inside carts, racks, or other pieces of equipment. Shock absorbers help to minimize the impact of these movements, limiting potential damage and keeping loads safe from disruptions during transportation. They also reduce the risk of employee injury caused by sudden shock exposure while moving loads around a facility. Although pneumatic casters provide many benefits, they’re not ideal for every application. Dual wheel shock absorbers provide an alternative solution for those who need to travel over rough outdoor terrain or bumpy indoor flooring without sacrificing safety. Their design supports much more significant weight capacities than their pneumatic counterparts and provides a smooth ride for sensitive cargo even when traveling over rough terrain.

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