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Firefox OS review, Burning Bright

The mobile Firefox OS by Mozilla has planned to put the user first, like its namesake web browser, and deliver the most efficient, affordable, capable, open-source phones to a large number. The Project’s homepage has stated that they are aiming to make a huge difference this time and are concerning less for the profit to be earned. They are determined ...

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India’s $33 Smartphone bear a resemblance with 2007 Apple iPhone

Incredible Apple Inc. unveiled their first iPhone in 2007. It was a 4GB iPhone priced at $499 then. Now India has come up in 2014 with the ultra-cheap smartphone priced at Rs. 1,990 which is the second Firefox OS based phone after the Spice Fire One. This device is manufactured by Intex with association with Mozilla Firefox. The company claims ...

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Firefox OS: Will it be Able to Bring New lineage in Indian Smartphone Market?

Indian, as well as global smartphone market has seen the monopoly of iOS and android so far. With having almost 72% of the whole market share, Google’s most prized android platform has been the supreme force. In developing countries like India, most manufacturers are offering low-cost android phones to less-practiced user who wants to step into the smartphone world. However, ...

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