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Storedot – Fastest Mobile Charging

People finds distressed if they don’t have charge on their device or switches off suddenly whereas using for necessary business affairs. It takes atleast half an hour time to charge smartphone devices and ten minutes to change on device. At this point, don’t be annoyed,there’s an answer. A brand new charger named Storedot manufactured by an innovative technology company known ...

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3D Printing Technology

The technology known as 3D printing have arrived to bring out your own ideas using technology to the entire world. By this 3D printing technology, folks will save moneyand time by single processthat is additional helpful. What is 3D printing technology ? 3D printing technology may be a procedure of printing your own models during a three dimensional solid material ...

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Consumer Needs, Not Innovation by Itself, Will Drive Design for Motorola and Lenovo

It’s rare to listen to a company’s executives speak critically about their unsuccessful product. Phrases like “ahead of its time” or “didn’t live up to its potential” are much more common, so once Kouji Kodera, Senior Vice chairman, Product Management, Motorola Mobility talks about the danger of innovating without thinking about the customer’s needs, and specifically points to the Motorola Aura as an example, it catches your attention. “The Aura was a beautiful phone whose ...

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