Merging of Puzzle & Dragons with Angry Birds

Puzzle & Dragons

A mobile game item, ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ keeps on to have wonderful development, ensuing from the game’s fanatic blend of puzzle and the dungeon-crawling game play. The players can also arrest, gather and develop hundreds of chief monsters by using fast thinking to attach combos and exploit the abilities and talents of their monsters. ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ has now exceeded almost millions of downloads. ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ can be accessible as for free on the App Stores and also in Google Play.


Angry Birds

On the other hand, ‘Angry Birds’ is one of the leading amusement franchises of the world, beginning in the year 2009 through the unique mobile game that is the favorite paid app for all. ‘Angry Birds’ has developed quickly into an amusement, publishing and authorizing to become a much-loved worldwide brand.


Blending of Angry Birds and Puzzle & Dragons

The two most popular and interesting mobile game franchises are brought online by Rovio along with GungHo. GungHo which is the Online Entertainment and a multiplatform producer of the online game community and also publisher of most flourishing mobile franchises such as, ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ declared that latest content of Rovio activity’s ‘Angry Birds’ can be seen in ‘Puzzle & Dragons’. The players of Puzzle & Dragonsare allowed to download the themed dungeons and some other features of Angry Birds.


In this exclusive partnership, the playersof ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ can fight and trap the ‘Angry Birds’, comprising Red bird, The Blues character, Chuck or Bomb and many more, in the dungeon of Piggy Island. It was made according to the visual as well as audio features of ‘Angry Birds’ and the users are challenged to overcome all four complex levels and beat the dominant Wingman from friends of ‘AngryBirds’.Thus, Rovio held challenge for Angry Birds followers to send in their explanations of how the two games approach together

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