Interesting Apps to Offer you 3D Pictures

At present, it has become very common for all individuals to always carry out some innovative tasks in their electronic device. And as the lifestyle all around the world is progressing with latest technology of Smartphone the apps are now able to add more artistic 3D backgrounds to your albums of photo. Thus, it is time to decorate your photo albums of your mobile or computer with 3D figure with different scenic backgrounds on various photo-sharing media, for example, Instagram, Tumblr etc.


Features of such Apps

There are several apps that can provide you with beautiful 3D backgrounds or wallpapers to your device. A new types of app called ‘Matter’ has been recently launched which can offer such facility. Users to get their photos endowed with 3D backgrounds need to upload the chosen image in the app “Matter” that has the following “object packs”



• Primitive items
• Exclusive structures
• Polyonfire album and
• Organic constituents

Every pack contains 3D objects, which can be inserted and altered for effectiveness and opacity to a picture. The reality of your images can be altered by simply adding exclusive 3D objects. The objects are of geometric shaped or even some complex shaped. After uploading the image in the app, the user has to surf through the four packs. All packs of this app, which offers 3D objects, can also be inserted and customized for brightness and reflectivity of an image. This 3D image can give stereoscopic vision, which means that two distinct images are exposed at the same time—one to each eye.

Thus, Pixite by means of its app “Matter” makes it simple for the users who do not have laptops or computers and software such as Photoshop and now they can have attractive 3D backgrounds to their picture albums with the help of only their Smart phones.

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