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Facebook Responds to the Steamed Up Controversy Saying the App is Innocent Enough


Social sites like Facebook has become something way beyond than just a social platform. Today, having fast and stressful life, people hardly get time to interact in person. So, human race opted for an alternative, social networking. Among all others available in the market, Facebook is been a walled garden. For last ten years, people have accepted Facebook whole heartedly and continuing to do so. But recently, the company have been hit by a stream of controversy and complaints. Some users of Facebook Messenger brought a complaint that the mobile app is spying on them somehow. To be elaborative, they said the app is using the phone’s microphone and the camera silently to know what the user is doing or talking about. Both iOS and Android users’ complaint that Facebook is forcing them to use different app to send texts, to make calls. Some concerned user suspected Facebook is being offensive and intrusive, as they thought the app is making calls or sending texts without their specific approval.

How the app works:

According to some experts, the way the app works in reality is far more innocent than those complaints. There stays always permission walls to give the app that allowance to use the function. So, there is no way that the app can use the user’s microphone or the camera. This problem or the doubt actually ignited from a permission terms and conditions page on the Android Google store. The page says the app can make calls or send texts without permission. But later Google confirmed that they wrote this, not the Facebook, just as a common layer to describe many apps at once.


The reaction from Facebook:

In a much anticipated reaction, the company sent notices to media houses and tech websites that the app never used the microphone or the camera suspiciously. According to them, the app asks for permission to access following things-

• To take pictures and videos,
• To record audios,
• To access the device’s picture gallery,
• To call phone numbers directly,
• To read contacts.


As always, Facebook is smart enough to face the controversy directly and the experts think the strategy will work with time.

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