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Consumers Sharing Information is Equal to the use of Wearable Tech


With an increasing amount of wearable technologies and gadgets coming into the market, there is an increased privacy concerns about the matters that are shared but people keep this though secondary due to the affordable prices of these gadgets. A recent survey has submitted its report stating that people share almost 70-80% with any wearable tech that comes at a discounted price. So the prime factor here is the price. Big companies’ products when given at a discounted rate, gets the people to share innumerate information with the gadget.

The Real Deal:-

 Gadgets of higher value when get sold at a lower price, is able to extract a greater amount of information from the consumers.
 Privacy remains negligible and areas of concerns develop.
 With an increased sharing of information with a gadget , any chances of the gadget getting lost or hacked , will allow the stranger to work out lot of details about the user and therefore, will lead to a massacre of Concerns.
 About 22 percent of the people are ready to share information if the product comes at a discount rate and around 28 percent of the people are looking to share information on the basis of fitness levels and better looks.


What’s the issue:-

 Around 9 percent were ready to give information for free irrespective of discount rates. This has probably occurred due to an extensive dependence on gadget usage and giving no real importance to proper privacy with technology.
 There is a definite gap between consumer’s privacy concerns and thinking during purchasing that is raising concerns for multiple authorities and securities involved in maintaining privacy.
 What has come out of the recent report that this behaviour is likely to go upwards in the recent years with consumers allowing sharing information with increased discount rates and thereby, more concerns regarding privacy will be generated.


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