How it matters where Apple is launching its I-phone

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Recent news have revealed the fact that Apple is currently going to launch its I-phone in the Flint Centre for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California and this fact has turned many head. This is because Apple is so accurate in scheduling all that is required for the launching event, that event the particular place is taken care of. Basically Apple tries to make the promotional even in a way that representatives of all the countries can be present and the date is fixed accordingly.

How the place is fixed for the event and how it matters:


Apple does a very convenient job in fixing the venue after asking the representatives about their convenience so that their participation is not hampered at all. Also a popular place is selected in order to put up a greater show in front of a magnanimous audience so that the promotion is even better. And the bigger the audience, the more the promotion of the specific product. Also the place needs to be cultured as Apple needs to keep its high profile status intact.


Apple needs to keep its claims before all international representatives so that the product is promoted on a worldwide basis and every country has a considerable amount of Apple users. The venue has to be such that all the claims features and benefits of the product are taken up by the audience and they are in turn shared to a great extent.

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Apple tries its level best to have the event at a place where it will be nearer to the hometown of Apple itself so that after the events get over, the audience can lay their hands on the products and see for themselves. This again helps a lot in the promotional purpose.

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