LG G3 Stylus


A contemptible, weaker G3 complete with stylus. The G3 Stylus is a middle of the road type of device which hits all the key points without really standing out. The LG G3 Stylus struggles to bring the style of the flagship LG G3 to a more reasonably priced point with getting the addition of a Stylus. The company has assured that the G3 Stylus will carry an inexpensive price tag but it is still uncertain what it means by that as the users wait to hear its official price. It is secure to say that though this is 5.5 inch handset won’t be challenging the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as its all set to slide into the busy middle market.3

The striking QHD display from the G3 has been lost on the G3 Stylus, and the users will have to arrange for the less impressive QHD IPS 5.5 inch screen that is lowly resolution of 960x540p. While it may sound awful on paper but in reality, the G3 Stylus is very readable and it’s perfectly acceptable for a lower tier device. This model is not a flagship phone. It may support the same design curves as the G3 but it is not slightly chunkier and it has got a cheap plastic. The curved back does not help the G3 Stylus to sit comfortably in the hand and the textured rear provides a good level of grip. It will be too big for some but LG has done a great job of keeping the bezels surrounding the 5.5 inch screen relatively slender.


The large 5.5 inch display makes it a workable option, though only selected apps are able to perform this tiny trick. The screen is surprisingly good, considering the resolution, performance is acceptable and there is a decent camera n the rear which me=ay be regarded as a help to the G3 Stylus to stay above all.

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