Mazda Unveils the MX-5 Miata, Drops 220 Pounds and 3” in Length

5Mazda Unveils the MX-5 Miata, Drops 220 Pounds and 3” in Length: The Mazda MX-5 Miata has been with the market since 25 years and meanwhile this time; users have seen three generations of the fun, lightweight convertible. The current generation, the “NC” model was first introduced in 2005, so, it’s long overdue for an alternate. The “ND” Miata has been revealed at a press event in Monterey, California. People got a look at the ND’s chassis back in mid-April.

According to Mazda, it was able to natty an amazing 220 pounds from the chassis by using SKYACTIV technology. Now the figure is revealed as true with Mazda which indicates that neat for neat the Miata will be 220 pounds lighter than the NC Miata. This feature will allow a base 2016 Miata to tip the scales at around 2220 ponds. Mazda was able to achieve the big weight drop reason being the use of aluminum for the hood, trunk, and lid and front/rear bumper assemblies.1 2

The new Miata has shrunk 3” in length. The wheelbase has also been spruced by 0.6” in length. Though Mazda comments that the reduction in size and weight cause no harm in the passenger room. For the engines, Mazda has zipped their mouth about the displacements for the engines going under the new Miata’s hood, but a quick look at the top down see-through image of the Miata shows that it employs SKYACTIV technology. There are still an ample of rumor that what this 2.0 liter unit will show up in the production model.
Officially, there is no news about the model. However, the vehicle will be launched at the L.A. Auto Show in November so there will be detailed information at that time.

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