Nokia Brings about offline Navigation

Is it really happening?

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Recent news about technology has revealed this news that Nokia is bringing about the privilege of offline navigation system in the Samsung Galaxy devices which is really helping the users to a great extent. This is because, in other devices, the navigation system requires an active internet connection but in this system, there will be no requirement of internet. This means that even if you do not have your internet in your phone, then also you can find your way anytime anywhere. Also there will be no interruption due to network problems

How this happened?


Nokia has dealt with Samsung regarding this turn by turn offline navigation so that it can be installed in the Galaxy android devices. Not only that, this can be installed in the symbian and windows devices too. Thereby more and more people are using this application by nokia and the Samsung Galaxy devices too. Also the installation charges are none and thenit is indeed very user friendly.


It is just like any other online gps system like Google maps. Here also you can just type the starting and ending point and then the map will guide you your way. The navigation system is totally a fast paced one and therefore you will e guided in a jiffy. This is also helpful in a manner that a lot of data usage goes on when you are opening an online mapping system, which is not happening in this case at all. It works efficiently on multiple platforms, which is a great advantage and that too with any sort of an interruption.


It has been a real clever step of Nokia to improvise this application as because many users will be benefitted with the help of this due to its perfect programming

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