Sony Wooing Japanese to PS4 with Dragon Quest:

News Flash- Sony is now trying to allure Japanese game fans to the play station 4 home console that came out in existence in November in the US and Europe but did not arrive on the stores until February. Atsusi Morita who heads the Sony Computer Entertainment‘s Japan operations effective Monday, approved the momentum for the Play Station 4 in Japan. He stated that it wasn’t coming together with the west. Though its cumulative global sales have reached 10 million lately and this is the fastest pace for any game. He also reported that new software games are still in progress and most likely are set to be released in the next year that includes “Dragon Quest” which is a role-playing game and also very popular in Japan. A “Metal Slime” PS4 model, is the tribute to one pf the game’s character that is also expected to go on a wide sale across Japan. The PS4 totals for 78% of the home-console market in Japan that has thrashed US’s Microsoft and local competitor Nintendo. However, Tokyo-based Sony won’t give a regional breakdown of recent sales.


Microsoft’s Xbox A single is set to go on sale in Japan on Thursday. But it got late than its sale in the U.S. and some components of Europe. Morita has mentioned in his interview to the reporters that software games are in the run and the price has not been declared yet. “We are determined to expand this market”, said Morita at a Tokyo hall and showed trailers of an ample of games that have been of spanning genres that includes sports, car racing and shooting, etc. There are a lot of powerful games franchises that were born in Japan such as “Super Mario”, “Monster Hunter” and “Final Fantasy” so it’s a dreadful turnaround to have the industry struggling here.

There is one reason that people all around the world are increasingly turning to social networks, games played on Smartphone’s and tablets, and other online entertainment. Game machines are clinging on by promising a more sophisticated experience for example if you play them online with others and add a movie-like narrative and visual quality to the interactive element of games.

“PT”, is a collaboration between the star game designer Hideo Kojima and “Mimic” movie director Guillermo Del Toro have together resembled a horror flick in which the players are tend to solve a mystery by virtually walking through a spooky and haunted house where a number of murders were committed. In addition to the fun, players can also share the videos that they took of themselves where they have portrayed themselves as horrified and petrified while they were playing the game. It has proved to be a great entertainment in the game. Kojima stated that some players were well scared to end the game.


One more gadget Sony has in the functions and that is Project Morpheus. It is a virtually acclaimed reality headset that can deliver from even far more of an illusion of staying somewhere else. Sony has even showed the exact footage of the game where wearers can really feel as even though they are in the exact same room with a coquettish cartoon girl who is wearing a mini-skirt.

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