Truecaller Introduces A New Innovative Phone Dialer App

The Truecaller has gone a step ahead with its launch of a new phone dialer app, which has been tentatively named Truedialer. This mobile application is available for free download on the Android and Windows based- mobile phones. Truecaller aims to replace the standard dialing interfaces used by the people on the smartphones with this new innovative app, which can give instant access to the relevant information about the contacts whom users are trying to dial.

How Does This App Will Work?

Whenever a user tries to dial a number of any individual or the business entity outside of its phonebook, then they would be able to see the name and even a profile photo picture of whoever they wish to dial before they place the call. Truecaller has actively integrated its technology to work in conjunction with the Truedialer.

What More Does This App Offer?


This new Truedialer app allows the users to search for information about any number that are dialing. Whenever a number is dialled Truedialer actively searches in the contact list and through the Truecaller database it provides the name of the individual or the business belonging to that number. The greatest advantage is that it gives the details of the number even if isn’t saved in the contact list.

Furthermore, it also fills in the missing contact information within the call log of the users with information from the Truecaller’s database. In order to prevent spam and scams, if the dialed numbers has been reported as an unwanted number in the Truecaller Community, then the user would be warned before placing such call.

Truecaller Officials Are Apprehensive of Achieving a commendable Success

The Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Truecaller, namely Nami Zarringhalam states that until now the phone dials pads were the only source for making a call but with the Truedialer the phonebook app is going to be replaced. It will also revolutionize the way people use to make and receive calls as well as call information.

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