iPhone 6+: A Premium Option

The release of the latest generation of the popular iPhone was headlined by the announcement of two models: the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. While these incarnations of Apple’s flagship device both bring with them a long list of upgrades and enhancements, the iPhone 6+ stands out for its unmistakable profile and elite-level specs that firmly establish it as the class of the marketplace.

iPhone 6+

Along with universal 6th generation upgrades such as a more powerful internal processor and expanded 4G LTE support for a reliable high speed connection in more locations than ever, the iPhone 6+ offers a range of improvements over the already top-flight iPhone 6, including a massive 5.5 inch screen capable of displaying 401 pixels per square inch.

The iPhone 6+ has a high capacity battery rated for up to 24 hours of talk time or 12 hours of Internet browsing on a full charge, compared with the 10 and 14 hours respectively offered by the base iPhone 6. Another premium feature of the iPhone 6+ is its upgraded camera, which adds gyroscopic stabilization to an all-new image capturing package engineered for superior performance in low light environments as well as advanced facial detection.

Despite the much larger screen, and larger, more powerful battery, iPhone 6+ models are only slightly thicker than the standard model at 7.1mm in thickness. There are at least three levels of internal storage offered with the iPhone 6+, a 16GB model, a 64GB model and 128GB model ideal for space-intensive users with more variations rumored to be on the way, and you can get an iPhone from iiNet to experience the best of the modern Apple experience.


Like its linemate, the iPhone 6+ also comes to market preloaded with the latest version of Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system. Along with a redesigned interface, iOS 8 introduces new features including access to Apple’s mobile payments service known as Apple Pay, which integrates the user’s financial information with the device to enable mobile payments anywhere an Apple Pay point-of-sale reader is located. iOS 8 also delivers several important upgrades to Siri, the interactive digital assistant of the iPhone.

The iPhone 6+ may carry a slightly higher price tag than the base model iPhone 6, but the increased price tag delivers premium features that can be more than worth the difference for the right user. With its stunning design and array of features, the iPhone 6+ represents not only the pinnacle of the iPhone line, but perhaps the top product in the smartphone industry.

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