3 Ways the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is Helping to Change the World (in Good Ways)

People like me who love the Samsung Galaxy line of products are stoked that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is getting introduced next month. I’m glad because I dropped my earlier model about a year ago and I’ve had a gnarly break all along the front, with broken glass radiating in every direction. It still works, and works well, mind you, but I want one shiny and new. Samsung is advertising this iteration’s resolution capabilities as a selling point. And believe me, the color and detail you can see is better than anything I’ve seen in other products of this type. But despite these updates, this kind of product is familiar to us in North America. We’re not wowed the way we were 10 years ago. But in much of the world, these products are going to market for the first time. Here are three ways that I think the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is going to help change the world in great ways.

  1. Education. Education is going to become built around tablets and mobile devices, with game-designed education tools built for kids in many languages. These things are cheap to produce. It’ll be like Sesame Street mixed with Common Core mixed with Angry Birds. And it’ll be in the hands of millions of kids. Maybe on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or a later update.
  2. International Communication. There will be improved cross-cultural understanding built as speech recognition and translation gets better and is available for more languages. This is already available in some forms which can be used on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
  3. Photography. The S6 Edge and devices like it are giving people the opportunity to document their lives in detail. This has never happened before in history, and it’s going to change the way history looks for future generations, as well as improve the detail we can derive from it.

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