The TrackMyFone iPhone Monitoring Guide for Concerned Parents

I swear, every time I see my daughter these days, she has her nose buried into her phone. It never worried me much before; I mean, she’s fourteen so she was probably just texting her friends. But ever since she got an iPhone, I worry she could end up consorting with the wrong sort. Paranoia sets in and I find myself thinking who is she talking to? Do I know them? Is she being stalked? Is she being bullied? And so I had no choice but to get TrackMyFone iPhone monitoring.


How Does Monitoring Software Work?

I’m pretty sure that if parents had the ability to go through their kid’s phone and read their messages and check out their call log, they would do it. And now they can. iPhone monitoring software helps you do just that. Not only can you monitor their texts and calls, but their IM conversations as well. I find that if you keep breathing down their necks, kids become even more secretive. I know for sure she switches tabs on her phone when I’m around. But the apps can help you be just as sneaky as them.

Why Use TrackMyFone Anyway?

If you are anything like me and are new to this smartphone nonsense, I would recommend using TrackMyFone. I’ve shared it with all the moms I know and using it is easy as pie. And if you’re having trouble getting it to work, you can call their customer service right away. It can work on most operating systems, and all iOS versions. The best part is that after you have installed it onto your kid’s phone, it becomes discreet, so they would never even know what you are up to.

What Features Do I Need To Know About?

Here is a list of features TrackMyFone has to offer:
Call monitoring

  • You can view their call log
  • You can view names and numbers of callers
  • You can check call duration and times

Text message monitoring

  • You can read through sent and received folders
  • You can mark trigger words

Multimedia monitoring

  • View their photo gallery
  • View list of saved audio files
  • View saved videos

One-Up Your Kids!

I found TrackMyFone iPhone monitoring to be really helpful and smart to use. I can breathe again knowing who my daughter talks to all day and if she is keeping herself out of danger. Kids will make mistakes, but it is our responsibility to be one step ahead and make sure they don’t harm them.

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