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The New Apps of this Week


This week has brought some interesting apps. However, the older good-quality apps are yet getting a position to shine, but you can see more themed apps and updates in this week.



First on the list is ShieldMyTeen which will join the category of parental control apps. With the help of this app, parents will be able to keep tabs on their children’s gadgets, and can block certain stuff if they think it’s bad for them. If the kids start to indulge in adult websites, parents can restrict their access by blocking them. Furthermore, parents can block certain keywords including porn, crime, gambling, alcohol, gambling, etc. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to buy it every time you want to keep an eye on your children, as it allows you to make multiple accounts on a single device. ShieldMyTeen brings something fresh to parental control apps category which has become stagnant as of late, and every parent should give it a try.


Atlas Web Browser


There are lots of web browsers to select from on Android if anyone does not like his mobile’s default option. The newest challenger is Atlas, launched as a beta with the assurance of ad-blocking, clipping among desktop and the mobile versions of sites. Its status is one of the foremost Android apps by means of Google’s latest Material design strategy.

Batman Arkham Origins


Batman Arkham Origins carries to us quick and touch-friendly fighter. The badass caped supportertakes down well-skilled fists and supplies on loads of goons, improves his device. Itcontrols costumes just to soothe the fans. The minigames during each fight will need pinpoint precision to be successful, even for the tiny guys.



This app launched from National Public Radio in the United States. It is a new type of app for getting news and events based on your choices. The idea is that you can hear an everyday feed of auditory reports, while sharing the events you like with associates through social networks.

YoWindow Weather


It is a neat app on the popular weather apps genre, offering you with a sight that informs the weather in your site.



It is a photo editing application and makes certain you look extraordinarilyfaultless. Clear spots, white teeth, and also make littletwists to the more curvedareas of your face. The user can even eliminate stray hairs and fill in hairlessareas. Obviously, these edits can be as general or as delicate as one likes. Anyone who likes to shoot a number of portrait images with their Android apparatuscanuse this.

Tynker Premium

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Tynker is one of an increasing number of applications aiming to assist children get their foremost steps in programming. This a compilation of exercises – or in other words, “coding puzzles”,

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