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Apple watch may be a sensible watch that operates as atiny low “wearable computing” device worn on user’s gliding joint. The Apple Watch was formally proclaimed on September ninth, 2014, withavailableness of the new device expected in early 2015.

How it work?

The Apple Watch is meant to try or connect with another Apple iOS device just like the iPhone to push Apple Watch specific content to the device. In fact, users will need to have an iPhone 5 or later connected to the sensible watch so as to access Apple Watch’s full set of options.


It is in the main developed by Apple INC. The manufacturer of this product is Quanta pc. The packageused is Watch OS, chip used within Apple S1. it’s storage of 8GB. that permits the user to store up to 2BG for music files and 75MB for photos.


However, the limitation in storage applies only when the Watch is untethered, but when it is connected with the phone it can access all the files from the iPhone.

It uses Apple’s S1 processor. It also uses a linear actuator called the “Taptic Engine” to provide haptic feedback when an alert or notification is received.

The Display has a Flexible Retina AMOLED screen, strengthened Ion-X glass and also in Sapphire glass.

Screen size varies with the model, in 38 mm it is made of 272×340 pixels, 290 Pixels per inch (PPI). And for 42 mm it is made of 312×390 pixels, 302 (PPI).

Connectivity can be made using Bluetooth 4, NFC, and Wi-Fi.

Compatibility can be made with iPhone 5 and later running iOS 8.2.

It is water resistant with IPX7 rating, so water submersion is not recommended.

Inventing new features:

The Apple Watch over takes the other Smart watches from some features like, it has an in-built accelerometer, gyro meter and heart-rate monitor.

There is an in-built speaker and microphone.

They have invented a new way to navigate the Watch with the Digital crown, which can be used to zoom in and out.

Apple has spent a lot of time making its collection of watch faces great. The old iPod Nano had fun watch faces, but many of Apple’s are actually clever and useful: a chronometer becomes a customizable stopwatch, a solar cycle face shows actual sunrise and sunset times, presenting changing arcs depending on the season and jaw-dropping planetary face shows the Earth and Moon, but properly lit to reflect day, night and lunar cycles.

Siri on your wrist, it turns out a feature we barely use in an iPhone is noticeably useful on Apple Watch. The Voice recognition is so great and it catches all way to speak and do things. It helps us to open apps, sending messages, getting directions.


Pre-order and delay in launching:

When Tim Cook first unveiled the Apple Watch this past September, nailing down the release date for the device quickly became a mess. At first, all we heard was that the device would launch in early 2015, provided no particular guidance as the launch window could have been anywhere from January to June.

And then the pre-orders opened up on April 10. During the time hotly anticipated wearable sold out in just 6 hours.

Even the people who hit the “order” button after the pre-order has the shipping window of 4-6 weeks.

They have not manufactured all the 38 Apple Watch variations, so there won’t be shipping for those until June.

After all those misleading rumour about the launch date, Apple has announced the launch date as April 24. And there will no store stock to purchase the Apple Watch directly.


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