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The technology is getting several more advanced and also more complicated. The highlighted at a thinking digital conference, which is held on May 19 to May 23 2015 in the Newcastle at United kingdom, a technology which has most profound effects are a most simple thing.  When the lightning strikes, an inspiration behind each and every day inventions, including the microwave oven, Teflon and penicillin cropped up altogether unintentional. The people have tended to associate the research and the development activities with the scientists garbed in a long white coat and brooding over the samples in the controlled environment with a gentle noise of the machines in a background. During this can be the typical scenario, it is not always a case. You may do the brilliant work on the own garden shed or just have the Eureka moment during you are drifting off for sleeping in the night. You can never know that when you can be hit by the stroke of the genius. A reluctant innovator phenomenon, despite a more billions spent each and every year for the R & D to create the technological innovations which dramatically change a way they work as well as perceive this world around them and most of the discoveries occur by a chance.Most of individuals who pioneered the advancements did not intentionally set to create anything or everything yet the work has the historical implications.

The Laura Stachel company, WE CARE solar, makes the versatile solar energy units for the maternity wards on developing nations. The maternal death rates in the Nigeria among a highest in this world, among with the proportion of the eleven maternal deaths for each and every thousand live births. Also to solve the problem, the Stachel has come up with the plan to build and also dispense the solar energy based units. The best idea was a genesis of the WE CARE solar.


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