Versatile And Portable Of Air2 Bluetooth Speaker

Versatile And Portable Of Air2 Bluetooth Speaker

The Air2’s speaker (Air Squared) Bluetooth speaker is displayed to people during the opening event of CES unveiled to the media in January 4th, 2015. The Air 2 speaker levitates over the own base and it is one of the best Bluetooth speakers so it showcase in Consumer Electronics shows. The Air2 speaker and their base are fitted along with magnets and so it repels each other and this cause Bluetooth speaker in order to hover than the base and so people can listen to Miracles or Float where this all things are offered in the Air 2 Floating Bluetooth speaker. As Air 2 speaker levitates so it gives the acoustic sound and the microphones are in built for easy pair up as well as for phone calling free. In this speaker, the rechargeable battery is there and it’s designed with Built-in-Ion-Battery this remains the charge for up to twelve hours  and also it support the music streaming through the technology of Bluetooth v4.0.

The levitating speakers are designed like the art of motion and so it’s best for the communication when you communicate with Air 2 speaker then your conversation is so quiet and peaceful than the other personal speaker. With this speaker you can enjoy the comfortable and easy connectivity like Bluetooth, wireless along with other device. This device made the connectivity up to thirty feet away. Moreover the air levitating speaker also connects with tablets, smart phones and other Bluetooth. When you no need to pair with others, then there is no problem, just you can connect through Aux connection. The Air speaker can use independently according to the base. So this speaker provides the compatible surface. While listening to music user can take their phone calls. This device is available in fashion colors like black, pink, red and blue and other options of color includes the chrome accented and color coordinated base.


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