Latest Miracast Technology For Streaming Video

Miracast Technology

Miracast is one of the certification program for all products and it satisfies the ‘Wi-Fi Display and Wi-Fi Alliance by providing the wireless point to video and audio content transport and their connections are mainly established by using Wi-Fi and so proper infrastructure Wi-Fi network is required. The Miracast and Wi-Fi use the technology of 802.11 but this not standard for the specific IEEE 802.1. The Miracast defines a protocol in order to connect the TV or external monitor to the device. Therefore, it roughly described as Wi-Fi or HDMI. The Miracast provide peer-to-peer technology by using the direct connections, well it allows the HD videos. In this technology, the connection is mainly created through WPD and so it’s secured along with WPA2. Moreover, IPV4 is used in the transport layer and here UDP or TCP is used.

Miracast used to stream all types of video either it is 1080p along with DRPM like DVDs. It will protect the content streaming therefore it enables all the devices in to stream the films as well as other copy materials. The Miracast is accomplished mainly by using the version of Wi-Fi. The Miracast is not limited to the supported devices and so it’s used in all standards, but most of the conditions it causes some issues when vendor supports the components but it never reduced the attractiveness in the enterprise environments. Miracast support all content and so without any restrictions of file formats and applications the source device will display. The battery life of Miracast is more this used to save more power as well as it will extend the life of the battery. People can easily share any video content in between devices without any complex setup. The Miracast delivers the Wi-Fi, Direct and Wi-Fi certified 802.11n to enable to connect.



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