5 Surprising Ways To Quickly Attract New Mobile App Users

Several highly effective, targeted, and surprising ways to quickly attract new mobile users exist. After a successful release, proactive development teams immediately shift their focus toward increasing downloads, marketing, and advertising. Ultimately, there are dozens of strategies to get your app into the hands of millions. This is especially true with new app stores, publishing channels, and advertising methods. As a developer, you should know the most successful, brilliant ways to get more traffic to your latest application. You can streamline user acquisition, maximize downloads, and increase in-app purchases. Overall, these strategies promote revenue, business growth, and operational scalability. Read on to learn the most surprising ways to attract new mobile app users quickly.

Get Your App Featured

Getting your mobile product featured in a popular app store is a great way to quickly attract, acquire, and onboard new users. Today’s developers prioritize front-page features on Google and Apple’s high-traffic marketplaces. Of course, these multi-billion-dollar tech firms won’t give out these listings to anyone. Therefore, you must showcase your application’s innovative functionality, top-tier security standards, and quality user reviews. In short, you should focus on creating a well-defined, organized, and presentable sales pitch for your new solution. Indeed, promote your app on high-traffic marketplaces to attract new valuable users.

Highlight Security Protocols

Highlighting your security measures, protocols, and defense mechanisms is another great way to attract new app users. Today’s users prioritize cyber security, data privacy, and information protection. Ultimately, they don’t want to download and install untrustworthy smartphone applications. For example, you can tell users about the security-driven, compliance-focused development methodologies you used throughout the process – such as DevSecOps. Specifically, teach them What is DevSecOps and how it was used for automated governance, code reviews, security checkpoints, and vulnerable build release monitoring. Your users will feel safer knowing your app passed multiple layers of static (SAST), dynamic (DAST), and interactive (IAST) application security testing. Certainly, highlight your security protocols to attract and onboard new smartphone app users.

Offer Demos And Free Trials

Users love unpaid demos and freemium trials of new applications. This is another effective, targeted strategy to widen and expand your user base. Give users a chance to experience your new application firsthand. Within your demo, highlight some of your app’s key features and capabilities. Of course, ensure that some of this functionality expires once the trial ends. This encourages users to purchase in-app services, premium versions, or monthly subscriptions. Surely, offer demos and free trials to attract new mobile app users in 2022.

Establish A Scalable Marketing Strategy

You are ready to start considering a mobile app marketing strategy. A smartphone app marketing plan should encompass several key pillars. Most importantly, you need to nail down your app store optimization (ASO) tactics, paid advertising, and online search engine marketing (SEM). You can also pursue email marketing, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), and press releases. Of course, don’t neglect traditional forms of marketing as well. Think about options like a TV broadcast, direct mail, billboards, or telemarketing. In many cases, these still work as great ways to attract new targeted audiences. Indeed, establish a scalable marketing strategy to attract new mobile app users.

Measure And Monitor Metrics

As you begin to attract new mobile app users, check your metrics before continuing. Your acquisition analytics can reveal insightful information regarding the best ways to move forward. Especially gauge your retention rates, average revenue per user (ARPU), and average revenue per paying user (ARPPU). You should also carefully monitor spikes in your conversion rates, which can inform you how to tweak your marketing and promotion plan for success. Of course, various models, tools, and strategies for monitoring these metrics exist. When you do, remember not to get discouraged and unmotivated if they do not match your initial expectations.Managing, measuring, and monitoring metrics are great for your user acquisition (UA) strategy.

There are so many surprising ways to quickly attract new, valuable mobile app users. First and foremost, you should try to get your product featured in a popular online app marketplace. In addition, you can try marketing your security protocols, methodologies, and strategies. Next, think about offering some limited, free trials and demos. Then, start thinking about your promotion, advertising, and marketing plan. A winning marketing strategy is an ideal way to maximize advertising ROI, manage your reputation, grow sales, and better learn the marketplace. Once you start to attract some users, begin looking at your analytics. Follow the points above to learn the most surprising ways to attract new mobile app users quickly.

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