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The Indian languages getting their domain, was long awaited and was due until Dr. Govind, the Chief Executing Officer of National Internet Exchange Of India (NIXI) and Chairman of .IN registry announced that on August 27, 2014 (World Domain Day) that Indian Domain Names will make their debut in the web world with the extension .Bharat which will be in the devanagari script.

Different languages:

At the International Domain Conference, held on Sunday at Madhapur to mark the World Domain Day, the much anticipated announcement was made by Dr.Govind himself. Addressing the participants on that occasion he said that the domain names with .Bharat will be in Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Maithalai, Nepali, Boro, Dogri and Sindhi. This is going to be followed up with domain names in other languages like Bengali, Telegu, Tamil, Guajarati, Urdu and Punjabi as well. He added that this initiative was a step forward where a multi-lingual internet will connect people in every corner of the country, which will allow users and domain investors to choose their own language in accessing information.



Dr. Govind emphasised on the working of NIXI, as it would be working towards promotion of internet in rural areas and called for a much larger participation on issues related to public policy and critical internet resources. This will provide many marketers with lots of innovative options to get access to a much larger market covering small town areas and rural areas as well. An example: Businesspersons owning restaurants can opt for domain names like .food, .menu, .eat, .dine.



Although some quarters have welcomed and greeted the introduction of the new domain, while others are doubtful of its success due to low internet penetration and low literacy rate in the country and it need to sync with the digital infrastructure of the country.

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