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Google’s most Popular Apps in the US


According to the information of ComScore, some of the mobile apps are listed among the top ten. Though Facebook ranks first Google itself takes first five positions. The more details of some of these apps are listed below:

Google You Tube App

The You Tube app is actually related to watching videos and it is the second most popular App used by the people of this world.


Google Play App

This service is employed to revise Google apps and applications from Google Play. This element offers major functionality like confirmation to your Google services, corresponding contacts and access to each of the newest user’s security settings, and also best quality location based services. Applications are obtainable through Google Play either at free of cost or at a charge.


Google Search App

This app for Android is the fastest and simplest way to discover what you require on the web and on your device. As a whole, they offer quick surf on the internet in your phone or your computer. It actually utilizes your voice to browse and you can get modified outcomes on the basis of your location.


Google Maps 

It can be used on mobile and desktop for internet mapping service. Here, Google can provide maps of roads. It can be regarded as the planner of route. You can get route direction of a certain place for travelling there by vehicles or by foot. It can also support maps that are rooted on third-party websites by means of the Google Maps


Google’s  Gmail Email App

This is also a very popular App. Recently some new features are added regarding this app. You can lessen the font size of the email as the size of the app adjusts with the breadth of the Gmail. If you update the application, you just sweep the conversation to delete it.


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