Amazon’s 4K video Starting Streaming on Samsung TVs:

From October onwards, Samsung television owners will be able to retrieve Amazon’s Prime Instant Video streaming services in 4K. Samsung is all set to bring 4K Netflix to Europe via its TVs. It is a confirmed statement that Amazon’s UHD service will be available from this October. The Korean tech monsters now want to convince you to work out for 4K by offering movies and TV shows from Amazon and Netflix. Now, viewers can enjoy eye-sweltering details on their Ultra HD television. It implies that from October, Samsung’s 4K sets will be able to play Amazon’s content globally. However it is under confirmed that whether 4K Amazon Prime Instant Video will be available on TVs from other manufacturers in the market at the same time.


UHD (4K) is the next step after HD and it comes with a resolution of 3,840×2.160 pixels, i.e., four times of HD. Not only this TV will be expensive, but you buy this one there’s little to watch that takes advantages of the fantastic resolution. This states that it is the manufacturer’s interest for Samsung or Sony to help provide stuff for you to watch in order to influence you to watch TV. Amazon seems to be following its rival’s strategy. It has created its own in-house series, Extant, which is airing right now and is expected to have a further two releases that are planned for next year. The company’s original content is expected to be shot in 4K which will be released in UHD later on. And having UHD Netflix launched in April across the U.S. and other selected countries, starting with a blasting hit political potboiler “House of Cards”- Samsung will be now showing Netflix UHD streaming for a number of viewers in Europe.



4K movies and TV will also be available from German service Maxdome, Italian service Chili and; they are also available in the U.K. and Spain. Netflix has offered 4K content in the U.S. since March which kicks off with its own big TV winner, House of Cards”. Already declared, Amazon stated that it would soon be delivering 4K content. The video pack will have a tremendous 40 UHD/4K movies including Hollywood which will come in a preloaded onto a 500GB media player.


Samsung has put its interest into UHD content with the 4 K broadcasts of World Cup warm-up matches from Portuguese broadcaster Meo, and Opera from Austria, live-streaming Placido Domingo belting out “Nabucco” through the Vienna Opera App. In the next year, 10 more performances are being planned in UHD which also includes a performance of “Die Fledermaus” on New Year’s Eve. In its home country Korea, Samsung began UHD broadcast in April with the cable provider CJ Hello Vision. This plan will extend to CNM and T-Broad before the end of this very year.


However, question still remains the same. How efficiently all these new UHD/4K content services will deliver on the picture potential of the same format. Amazon appears to be exclusive to Samsung TVs but it is still uncertain how this deal has flown so hard.

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