Top 5 WhatsApp Problems and their Solutions

Ever since its launch in Feb 2009, WhatsApp has been one amongst the foremost in style messaging applications utilized by billions of users worldwide. In fact, nowadays, it might be strange to search out an individual who doesn’t have WhatsApp on his smartphone, be it an iPhone or an Android-based phone. WhatsApp has become notable owing to its remarkable options that build it terribly simple to send unlimited media and messages to your friends, even after you are miles apart. However, just like any other app, WhatsApp has its fair share of problems. Here is a list of the top WhatsApp problems along with their solutions.

When Connects Are Not Visible

One of the foremost common WhatsApp issues that looks to plague varied users is after you are unable to visualize your contacts. Therear some cases once a contact isn’t visible even after you search them in your WhatsApp’s contact list.

Worry not, this is often a brief issue. Try clearing the app cache and ensuring that you just have marked all contacts as visible on WhatsApp settings. The contacts are invisible if you have got entered the wrong number, and additionally if your contact doesn’t use WhatsApp.


When You Cannot Install the App

Even though this can be one of the rarer issues, it’ll arise if you’re making to install in the app on a smartphone that runs on an older version of iOS (6.0) or robot (2.1). Keep in mind that by the end of 2016, Android 2.1 and 2.2 will no longer be supported by WhatsApp.

The best answer to this problem is to upgrade your smartphone. additionally keep in mind that WhatsApp can’t be downloaded from any third party source apart from Google Play without changing your security settings.

When it Auto-Downloads Media

This feature of WhatsApp could also be terribly convenient once you are on Wi-Fi, however, it’s going to not be a decent plan once you using mobile data, particularly if you have got a knowledge usage limit. So as to disable this specific feature, choose Settings and tap on Chats and Calls, that opens a full list of settings like wallpaper and font size.

On this page, tap on Media auto-download, and currently you’ll be able to choose what you would like to transfer once you are on mobile data and on Wi-Fi.

It is necessary to notice that voice messages are continually automatically downloaded but their size is far smaller than videos and pictures.

When You Get Annoying Messages

When you begin using WhatsApp, you will be a recipient of many annoying messages – sales group messages or simply pings from individuals you can’t stand.

The solution to this problem is very easy and you’ll try this by block the contacts. Simply visit the conversation and click on on choices, tap on More and then select Block. And it is done!

Last Seen Timestamp

Isn’t it annoying once individuals understand that you just are on-line and seen their messages, however haven’t yet replied? The simple solution is to go to Settings and choose Account, then select Privacy.

Once on this screen, tap on Last Seen and select Nobody. You’ll conjointly change the scan Receipts settings, in order that they aren’t any longer privy to the fact that you just have seen their messages.

These solutions will make sure that you get pleasure from WhatsApp without worrying about these issues.

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