The Benefits of Ceramic Millboard

Back in the early days of the country, millboard was actually manufactured using asbestos, However, once this was discovered as being poisonous, there was a change in manufacturing materials. High-quality millboard is now made using ceramic. There are many benefits to using ceramic millboard:ceramic-fiber-millboard

Heat Resistance

Ceramic fiber millboard is know for its resistance to high temperatures. Ceramic millboard can remain in perfect condition in temperatures up to 500 C, and with the proper support can withstand even higher temperatures and still remain perfect. They can even remain in acceptable condition when temperatures reach as high as 1400 C.

Strength Grades

There are three grades of strength available. The range in strength from soft, medium, and hard. Soft can be molded or cemented to any shape. Hard is suitable for any project requiring strict rigidity. Medium strengths are generally treated as special orders.


Ceramic millboard is resistant to vermin, so there is never any need to worry about infestations. They will not be able to chew or claw through it due to its high tensile strength. In addition to vermin, the high-quality ceramic is cannot be damaged by acid and works great as a soundproofing material.


No more worrying about the hazards of asbestos. When the asbestos-based millboard that may still be lingering in the structure is completely replaced, all health concerns are nullified. There are no known health risks associated with using ceramic millboard.


Ceramic millboard is widely used in a number of different industries. Caterers often use it to line their combustion chambers, form heat panels, and form heat seals for flues. It is used in steel mills as part of the steel making process, and also to form high-temperature insulation gaskets.


Ceramic millboard has a durability that enables it to last 10 to 20 times longer than the hardest of steels. Once installed, it will last a lifetime.

As one can tell, the peace of mind that can be achieved during your project when ordering long-lasting ceramic from a reputable company like Creamsource is more than worth the perceived cost of replacing the old millboard.

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