Chrome 64 Now Trims Messy Links When You Share Them

Google’s most recent buyer version of Chrome, called Chrome 64, just began cleanup muddled referral links for you. Presently, when you go to share an item, you’ll never again observe along following string after a link, only the essential link itself.

chrome 64

This feature now happens automatically when sharing links in Chrome 64, either by the Share menu or by copy and paste the link to it somewhere else. Despite the fact that it cuts off the additional bit of the URL, this doesn’t influence referral data. In the event that you pick, you can copy and paste specifically from the URL bar to snatch the link in sum.

As per Android Police report, while this is a valuable feature, it has several drawbacks, yet nitpicky ones. For instance, it disposes of grapple labels that will convey a client to a particular part inside a more drawn out article, so going to a link that has been partaken in Chrome will land you at the highest point of the page.

This is just a one of numerous updates that have accompanied Chrome 64. It likewise recently presented automatic blocks for bad and undesirable advertisements that abuse the Better Ads standards, the capacity to mute entire sites that auto-play videos and High-dynamic-range imaging support for Windows users.

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