Reviewing ‘Baap of All Apps’-

You’ve got to search for a Chinese Restaurant at an unknown place, go to the XYZ site. You need a good haircutting salon, ABC site. You need to check on bank loans, go to It is always a hard task to look for a specialised site for a specific need or an item. The “Ask me” app comes with the solution where you get to find the answers to all your needs at one place. This gives you the strain from checking every different site and makes the job easier. Also, this app is easier to download straight from Google Play Store and caters to all your needs be it restaurants, jobs, education, mobile, money, matrimony, etc.


About the App:

As new generation apps are progressing to take our life towards ultimateautomation, app is a solid step for that. It has lots of apps in its app stores with specific duties. Some of them are for movie details, some helps you find out weather, or some of them are real help for foodies. The amazing idea of is to provide every information about any field, with a single app.



As the advertisements and the app website claims, this app understands your question and the requirement perfectly and searches on the web for the answer and presents to you. This app can get information about anything such as business, travel, weather, details of a place, gadgets, jobs, matrimony, education etc. The small size and smooth running quality is the surplus for this app.
So, to conclude, we can say that this “Ask me” app has really given new dimensions to searching. Easy to download, easy to use and super quick features have created a huge market for the app and the demand is to go higher in the future.

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