LG G Pad 10.1 Review:

The new LG G Pad 10.1 has topped the latest LG’s recently revived tablet line up but fascinates by virtue of sheer size rather than its merit. The G Pad trio owes a snap dragon 400 chip set with 1 GB of RAM and screen resolution of 1280 x800 pixels The company does not need the kind of specs to make this trio a trifecta and if we consider the 10-or-so-inch tablet segment is brutally competitive, it is where the iPads along with Lumia, Xperia Tablet Z, Samsung Notes, Pros and the S line are the biggest of the G Pads is not most likely to make it big.


Yet, the G Pad 10.1 has a unique place in LG’s plane. It is not being thrown right in the thickness of action but it stands as in effective and affordable alternative to no –brand tablets that are cheap to buy. The screen resolution and chip set helps it to stay within your budget but with a few extras over the compact model is worth noticing. For those who are starting to use, they will be obliged to know that this tablet has twice the storage at 16GB while retaining the micro SD card slot the battery capacity is also doubled at 8, 000 mAh and the camera on the back has seen a resolution bump to 5MP. The G Pad 10.1 actually is sharing many of its specs with the smaller one, LG G pad 8.0, but also adds another 2.1inches of screen diagonal.

Compact tablets are the money-makers at least on the android side of aisle. As for the10- inches, there is a clear line between mid range (the likes of the LG G Pad 10.1 and the standard galaxy tab line up) and premium. Before coming into existence, LG was not interested in tablets until the G Pad 8.3 Finally emerged last year. A blend of great hardware, craftsmanship, solid screen and commendable ergonomics, it went squarely against Apple’s minis and did well enough to earn itself a Google Play edition.
For a10-incher and not upgraded and already solid package, this one is coming in due time. But now LG has an affordable, big slate to offer to the first time to the iPhone users or budget-minded upgraders.

GPad 10.01_2 outline

Basic Key Features:

• It comes with a10.1 inch screen and 800x 1280 resolution and IPS LCD display, 149ppi.
• It runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat with a modern, flat Optimus UI.
• It has Qualcomm MSM 8226 snapdragon 400 chip set, 1GB of RAM, quad-core 1.2GHz and cortex –A7.0 processor and adreno 305 GPU.
• 5 MP cameras with 1080P video recording and 1.3 MP front camera.
• 16GB of built in storage, micro SD cards lot.
• 8,000 mAh battery

Disadvantages of the device:

• The dual speakers aren’t stereo type.
• Only a Wi-Fi version at this time.

There is no enough screen resolution for the size of the G Pad and by this; we come to a conclusion that this is the biggest tablet downside and a fresher one too.

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