How does Partition Manager help you?


EaseUS Partition Manager is an excellent way of dealing with the low disk space management problem. It is a very efficient tool that enables the use to extend and enhance the partition of the system in question. The partition manager manages disk space more effectively on GPT disk (GUID partition table) and on MBR. The Free Disk Partition Manager Software is free for only home users. Itsuser-friendly attribute increases the reliability associated with the manager and also exhibits its professional take on disk management. More than 20 million users have recommended this software only after they have got overwhelming and extremely satisfied results.

The software is supported on the following OS: Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/8.1. It is available in the following languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Polski, Português and Chinese. In the new version of EaseUS Partition Manager the following features have been added:

• Support of multiple languages.
• Compatibility enhanced.
• The size of the installation file of the software, EaseUS Partition Master Free, has been reduced
• To enhance the quality of the product some bugs in the system has been tackled and fixed.

The partition Manager has three different functionalities: Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard.



Partition Manager

As the Partition Manager, it provides the most efficient solutions for creation, deletion, resizing merging and splitting partitions so that the use of hard disk space is optimised.

• It moves and resized partitions without any sort of loss of data.
• It merges two partitions also without any kind of loss of data.
• The software efficiently converts dynamic disk to basic disk. It also easily converts FAT files to NTFS file systems.
• It can effectively convert logical partition to primary partition and vice versa without any mistake.
• It enables the user to wipe partition or a disk so as to wipe permanently all sensitive data that might be stored on the disk.
The software supports 4TB partition on GPT and 2TB partition on MBR disks.



Disk & Partition Copy Wizard

• As the disk and partition copy wizard this software does the following:
• It copies partitions extremely fast and file-by-file so that the data is protected.
• It allows copying of the entire hard disk to another hard disk or migrate from OS to SSD with no need of reinstallation of Windows.
• The disk can be upgraded to a bigger or higher one with just one click.
• It supports GPT partition or disk copy.
• It gives the user the option of automatic shutting down of the computer after an operation is over.

Partition Recovery Wizard

• As the Partition Recovery wizard, the software provides the following functionality:
• The software helps you in recovering accidentally lost or deleted partitions from unallocated space. Such situations might arise due to virus attack, software or hardware failure.
• The software uses two recovery modes: Automatic (user friendly and requires minimum effort for operation) and Manual (gives user complete control of the process of recovering lost data).
• It supports recovery of NFTS, Fat and EXT3 partition.

After looking into the vivid and efficient features and uses of the software, it is advised that users download partition manager.

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