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Twitter Lite App for Android Now Added 24 More Countries

Twitter Lite

After a good response for a Twitter Lite App trial in the Philippines Country, now Twitter is rolling out its data-free Lite app for Android in 24 more countries across the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. To recollect, Twitter Lite was first launched as a PW App that means Progressive Web App; this is for the mobile ...

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Apple has Updated the Privacy Policy for HealthKit app Platform

While people are counting second by second for the much-anticipated Appleā€™s September 9th event, where the American tech giant is likely to unveil the iPhone 6 and the speculated iOS 8 Beta, the company have made changes and modified some parts of the privacy policy for the HealthKit platform app developers. According to the media report, the Cupertino-based tech manufacturers ...

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Facebook Responds to the Steamed Up Controversy Saying the App is Innocent Enough

Social sites like Facebook has become something way beyond than just a social platform. Today, having fast and stressful life, people hardly get time to interact in person. So, human race opted for an alternative, social networking. Among all others available in the market, Facebook is been a walled garden. For last ten years, people have accepted Facebook whole heartedly ...

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